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Client: Giving Friends Branding Social Media Website Design

I got a call from a friend one day while I was embarking on one of my first driving expeditions through the South, I was staying in Myrtle Beach thanks to the benevolence of my cousin and brother Richard Robertson and his wife Donna.
This call came from a woman who was about to take her life’s calling to an even higher level, and I think initially she wanted to pick my brain about pricing for web development. She’s married to my friend Joe Corry, who I care for a great deal, so it was important to me to make a good impression, people pleaser that I am. By the end of the conversation, I realized that she was contemplating learning web-development, and wanted to take on the task of building and designing a website, for her not- for-profit GivingFriends.

 My instinct was to steer clear of the whole project, as I didn’t think there was much money involved, she’s good with money.
I only saw this as a job and thought, “this is good, I’m hosting websites now, and GivingFriends will pay for one of the slots.” My exact words– “Lynne, you need to hire me!”

Myself, Lynne Corry and Joe Corry at the Comedy Night Fundraiser, Lynne sold 300 seats at $75.00 a pop.

Original logo designs

Holiday logo variations for social media

When I returned to New York we got together, I had only designed some logo ideas up to that point. When we met the first time, Lynne was kind and offered me food, and I began to understand the scope of GivingFriends, she was like a mad scientist that had figured out a formula to life that was win-win. I found myself attracted to her heart, the time she spends and the dedication and compassion she shows to imperfect strangers. Awestruck, I met a woman who’s spirit was familiar to me.
I saw that she spends her time working on gifts of love, for mothers and children that are under-represented, often forgotten, often poor, often homeless. I learned that she was once one of those women , and that she knew her responsibility was to give back, unconditionally, no questions asked. I learned that the whole family, including her son Tyler, work at this thing, filling gift bags loaded with toys and cleaning products, and clothes, and diapers and essential self-care items that you or I can easily take for granted. I learned that she wasn’t cheap or trying to get over, she just knew in her heart that the philosophy of asking from those who have, to give to those that need, perpetuates love and gratitude, and that principle is the most untapped resource, because we’re too busy to do it ourselves. 
Recognizing the humility in Lynne, understanding that what goes around comes around, is a life lesson; you have to live it to understand its importance and impact. 
Although my job is not to blow smoke up her ass, my responsibility was to be the best at what she hired me to do, design, create, make her dream look like Madison Avenue had a stake in this business. I hope I have done my part, I know we are friends today because something very strong lives in a common generosity where we can focus on our likeness and not our difference. Lynne, I think it was at this time I coined a little phrase, “Love is a Lifestyle.” I want to be just like her when I grow up!

A collage of the first GivingFriends website.