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Inspiration for Art Basel

Art for Arts Sake

About twice a year I have been searching for warm weather, and traveling throughout the Southern States. I usually stop in Myrtle Beach, and stay at Richard and Donna’s for a few days, and see friends that live on the beach, and go to meetings at the Alano Club. Its so peaceful there, the perfect place to sit still, and enjoy the ocean.  Marietta, GA, is where Lisa resides, she and my Cousin Michele, and my eldest Cousin Barbara are like a female tag team, each of them have a special place in my heart, and each of them feel like home, in different ways. This year Lisa invited me for Thanksgiving, to stay in a friends house in Isle of Palm. Well, the place was magnificent. I have never been in a house like this before. I was compelled to make something for her generous friend. (see below). I did a rendering of her house, abstract of course, a framed print of digital art.  It was well received, with a proposition for me to make renderings of all her properties. I was humbled and inspired!


Sarasota FLA and, of course South Beach in Miami. My journeys have been so tranquil, inspiring, and always full of sunshine and fellowship. This time, however, I was inspired to participate in the International Culmination of Artists that takes place in Miami circa December 15th. Totally inspired. After Christmas 2021, I was very sick with Covid (again, this fucking thing) and found myself in a dark, disconnected place, yearning for the beauty and excitement from the weeks prior. I then decided to begin my latest endeavor, to make art for the sake of expression rather than marketing. Here are some early results of that effort.